Monday, 27 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I'm not a Harry Potter fan. Really.

A lot of my friends know this, but alright, I went to watch this movie with Gayle, and I have to say I was a little disappointed, considering the hype that has been with this movie from the get-go (and the fact that it is a HP movie).

CGI was excellent, especially the intro scene where the flying smoke things (HP fans, don't crucify me for not knowing the terms :P) attacked downtown London. Sick graphics right there. Most of the 'magic' scenes were all beautifully created, and the graphics were top-notch.

I specifically didn't like two things about the movie: the Dumbledore and Malfoy scenes, respectively. I didn't think Dumbledore performed well at all, and his character of an old and wise wizard/head master just didn't work for me. As for the Malfoy scenes.. I never really thought he was that much of an actor anyway. I found his parts bland and unappealing. His late-night secret trysts with a cupboard is a little too psychotic for my liking.

The characters are looking like adults now. Some of them are adults. LOL. It's removing some of that "British boarding school stories" charm that I always thought made the HP books and movies appealing to its fans. Oh well. What do I know. :P

Evil kid Voldemort FTW. He looks like a baby Adolf Hitler. Admit it, he does.




  1. I actually did not want to see this movie - even though I am an HP fan -, knowing for a fact that the director added a lot of scenes which is not practically in the book.

    The Felix Felicis potion was supposed to be liquefied luck, but I think the director of this movie made it something that boost confidence, if I assume correctly.

    Also, in the book, there's no scene where the Weasley residence gets caught in fire. I believe this was done by the death eaters, correct?

    Additionally, this movie is supposed to be about Harry, but the teasers seem to focus more on Ron.

    BTW, the smoke things is called Apparating. It's like teleporting, but much more messier. :D

  2. Hey Lemony. Thanks for the information. :) I am waiting for my friend Nicole (who is a reader of this blog, as well as a bona fide HP expert) for her opinions.

    I actually found the movie to be more about the supporting cast, rather than Harry himself. I should have added that in my post as well. Anyway, I really expected something more, but the CGI was top-of-the-line, anyone must admit.

    The potion was liquid luck, I believe..?

  3. JAY.

    I am hereby ashamed that you have seen fit to see a Harry Potter movie without having read the books first.

    Bolded for effect ^_^

    I love Harry Potter like crazy but I only ever recommend the movies to people who like the books. I always tell people, if you haven't read the books, don't bother with the movies. The movies are a poor substitute for the books, and I am not going to have such a great series have its opinion brought down because someone saw the movie instead of reading the book.

    Which you apparently have =P *sigh*

    Jay, please do me a favour and read the books before you watch any more of the movies.

    Onto the movie itself...well, I actually enjoyed it more than I did the others. Partly because I've only read the sixth book twice and can't remember too much, and also because I enjoyed the humour that they put in.

    Oh, I have my pet peeves (esp with the ending - there's supposed to be a battle with the Order, not the Death Eaters just running away, and Snape is supposed to be absolutely livid when Harry calls him a coward...actually, Bellatrix shouldn't even call him a coward in the beginning, only Harry should because the point is that Snape's so not a coward that the word affects him so much. Confused as to why he isn't a coward? Read the books before the movies, my dear =P).

    But overall, enjoyed this probably the most out of the rest.

    I am still ashamed. Redeem thyself!

  4. You know, I have been waiting and expecting you to throw a tirade on my post. :P I'm surprised you took that long. Ahaha..

    Well, you have to forgive me in the fact that I haven't read the book (as would be many of those who saw the movie, I would presume).

    Redeem myself how? By actually reading a Harry Potter book? Have you gone nuts?? LOL. Alright, in the spirit of a six-year long friendship and sibling-hood (no such word) I will attempt to read a Harry Potter book.

    Which one, is the question. :P

    PS. On Dune now. It's gorgeous.

  5. Haha. Been out of the blogging world for a bit. Make no mistake, I replied the instant I saw the post =P

    I love Harry Potter, but I really don't see the point in watching a movie when you haven't read the book.

    My favourite is the third book. Mostly because there's lots of Quidditch in it. And I guess it has a lot of the "British boarding school" charm XD Yeah, I recommend the third. Assuming you won't get lost in it. I can give you the background you need to know =P

    Which Harry Potter movies have you seen?

    Dune is good. The only one in the series I read, though.

  6. I've seen the Azkaban one, and the one before this. Haha..

    Well, I liked the British boarding school theme as well, hence why back in Primary school, I immersed myself in books like Famous Five. Gawd, I'm laughing now. ROFL.

    Yeah. I was surprised to find out there are so many other books in the Dune series.