Sunday, 19 July 2009

WoW Freakout

This kid loves World of Warcraft a little too much..

Watch what he does with the remote, and the "magic trick" of his clothes.



  1. the guy lost his mind :O
    he's freaky hahahahahaha

    the remote control part is funny!
    what was he thinking?? =))
    and hurting himself with a shoe..
    no wait combat boots yun hahahaha
    ouch. :|

    reminds me of someone whenever he krumps hahahahaha

  2. A little too much seems to be an understatement..

    The remote control thing, now that's too much..

    The boots, well, it had me in stitches.. well, not really..

    I don't know if I should pity the guy or scream & run away..

  3. Gayle: Yeah, he absolutely lost his mind, all because his mum cut his subscription. Haha..

    The remote thing.. It's just not right.

    Lemony: Perhaps both? :P

  4. Disturbing. He could play the part of some crazy psychopathic little creature with those noises he was making. And the way he was flailing his arms about.

  5. Ahaha.. He is probably a crazy psychopathic little creature to be that addicted to a game.