Friday, 7 November 2008

Casino Royale

Watched the first James Bond of Daniel Craig (I know, I didn't watch it 2 years ago because I was against the fact that he's blond; Bonds have always been dark-haired, and I like Bond traditions, like the Omega watches, Aston Martin cars, and the quintessential martini), and I must say I was not too impressed. That does not necessarily equate to 'the-movie-sucked'; merely that Craig has a long way to go before portraying Bond like Connery, Moore, and to an extent, Brosnan, did.

Plot development, as always, was very good. Action-scenes were quite new, as Bond has never been known to be a parkour (free-running) practitioner. I think the script-writers took a little liberty with Craig, making his Bond a little grittier. Not too bad, I suppose, but I'm sure Bond fans would probably take some time to get used to it. I know I will. I did not like the Bond girl for this movie. Didn't really complement Craig very well, and they were needlessly romantic. Bond is a slick player, not a heart-melter. Still, it was a James Bond movie. :)

Looking forward to Quantum of Solace.




  1. Heard 'Quantum of Solace' wasn't very good, but I haven't watched it myself yet. Or Casino Royale, come to think of it XD

  2. Haha.. I have sort of made up my mind not to watch Quantum in cinemas. My friends have also said it wasn't much of a movie. Then again, Craig wasn't much of a Bond. :)