Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Watched this last week, when I was down with a fever. A lot (and I mean, WAY) better than the Eric Bana "Hulk" in my opinion. More action, less talk. LOL. Special effects and CGI were top-notch, and Edward Norton, just like in Fight Club, was brilliant. I suppose what set it apart from the Bana film was the glorious slugging match between Norton's Hulk against the 'abomination' (not sure of the name). It was something new I guess, since most one-on-one fights employ weapons all the time; these two just had their fists for most of the fight.

Appearance of Tony Stark (Ironman) at the end suggests a possible sequel. I hope there's one. :)




  1. not sure for the sequel of Hulk but next in line is Iron Man 2 and Thor plus some other superhero movies before they release The Avengers.

    well, that's what some of my friends told me.

  2. I like this Hulk movie more than the first. Edward Norton is a great actor. He's a good villain too (Italian Job movie). Watch latest movies in HD @

  3. Joe: Well I hope there's a sequel. :P And yes, I am greatly looking forward to the next Iron Man (Downey has never been better I think), and wow, Thor??? Superhero movies seem to be the trend lately, after all the swords-and-heroes epics in the past few years.

    Angel: I totally agree with you. He's such a scheming little bugger in Italian Job. Yeah, this Hulk > Bana's Hulk (even though I personally like Bana, especially in Troy. Thanks for the site!!