Saturday, 8 November 2008

REMIX 2008 Gear

I am all set, costume-wise, for our major dance competition of the year, REMIX08: Stepping For Life. :)

Skittlez guys' motorcycle jackets.
Bench Love888 Motorcycle Jacket

Nike Air Force 1 XXV

So.. Are these cool, or are these cool? :D



  1. Good Luck and I liked everything you've posted so far. Where did you have time to see all those movies? (...just asking...) But good for you. I love you and take care.

    MUM & POPS

  2. I watched some a month ago. :P
    I saw The Gravedancers 5 weeks ago, and Eagle Eye a month ago with Gayle.

    Then I watched Casino Royale and Hulk last week at home. I have broadband Internet. Might as well use it. Haha..

    I love you two too. :)

  3. the jacket looks good on you =D *esp. with your new hair now ;p*

    good luck in remix'08 =D
    me too rin =/ grrr i think we're the opening dance. =/

  4. Thanks babe. :)
    I'm sure you'll do very well! :)


  5. =D ikaw rin!
    i can watch you guys perform. you're number 7, right? ;) i saw the script already haha

  6. Yeah we are. Second to the last, in fact. :) It's good to see our main rivals the first to go. :) They would need to evade the pressure of setting the bar, but I'm reasonably confident we can reach it, and maybe even exceed it. :)

    See you tomorrow! <3

  7. Good luck and God bless with Remix :)

    I wanna watch, although I'm pretty sure our training schedule wouldn't permit it. I guess I'll just wait for videos. Haha.

  8. Hey bro, thanks. :)
    It would be nice if you could watch though. :)