Monday, 10 November 2008

Dinner at Max's

In light of our 10th month together, we both decided to have a nice dinner at Max's, at SM San Lazaro, after my practice with Skittlez, and hers with LSDC-Jazz. A pretty great date! :)

The food! :)
Crab and Corn Soup

Max's Barbecued Chicken with Java Rice

Max's Fried Chicken

Having dessert, pandan/coconut special with vanilla ice cream. Gosh, how sinful! :P

The food at Max's was pretty incredible. :) I think that they serve the best grilled chicken (Reyes Barbecue fans will get me for this), but I really think the way Max's barbecues their chicken is better. The servings were alright, about typical here in the Philippines. Another plus for Max's was that the place looked a lot better as compared to other chicken places. Dessert was divine! :D They're a little under-staffed, but the service was still reasonably quick. :)



  1. happy 10th, baby <3

    thanks so much for the dinner. =)another one of our resto adventures. =))
    i love the buko pandan thingy. =D
    i bet you too. hahaha

  2. You're welcome. :) Yeah, we're racking up the restaurants! :P
    Ah, the buko (coconut)/pandan was very good! :D Will definitely have it again.

    I think there's a missing 'do' in your last sentence. :P

  3. happy 10th monthsary Jay and Gayle!

    Max's is actually one of my family's favorite restaurants. I highly recommend their sweet and spicy sizzling chicken. haha!

  4. oh yeah =| hahaha

    me too. =D i love the sago harharhar

  5. Chris: I'll be sure to try that out next time. :)

    Gayle: I know you do. :)

  6. Ooh. The barbeque chicken looks reaallyy good!

  7. Oh it tastes even better than it looks. ;)