Monday, 24 November 2008


Another one of those days when we're having breaks from classes. :) Take out the camera! At our favorite hangout, Yuchengco Lobby.

M&Ms make a for a very interesting Philippine flag. :P

Don't mind the constipated looks. :P We had too much sugar in our systems by the time only those colors remained. LOL.



  1. oh man, i cant believe 3 colors were left =))
    i ate the orange-colored m&m's.
    you ate the green one.
    we both ate the ones without food coloring harharhar =)) *wink*

    we were so takaw that day =)) i miss those times when all we do is laugh and chat the whole lunch break =))

  2. Haha me too. :P
    And yeah, it's mum who used to say that the brown ones don't have any food coloring because chocolates are already brown! ROFL!!

    Rar. I'll need to run off all those M&Ms. :(

  3. hahahahahahahahahahaha =))

    yeah i know. don't worry, animo training will start soon. =|