Sunday, 23 September 2007


First of all my readers, I apologize for not updating as often as I should have had.
University's really stressful and going for Dean's List isn't such a piece of cake either, especially in a school like La Salle.

Here's what happened so far.

I made a ton of new friends.

There's the English Communication class people like Hira, Trish, Xyra, JC, Joseph, Trish 2 (the Spanish wake-boarder), Joy, Ara, Imma, and Jess.
The Skittlez Crew, Decky, Matt aka G-Fab, Fabulous Fabi, Aldz, Nika, Liz Beth, Ann (the 'gay' one), and Kevin.
The Anthropology babes, Ice and Kisha.
Plus the Political Science boys, Roberto, Miko, Ron, Monti, Kevin, Hans, Rian, Ferdinand and Hiram (both La Salle varsity basketball players), and Carlo.
Not to mention the assorted guys and gals around campus like Luis, Deanna, Dianne, Marisse, and Carlo.

Looking good. *smiles*

Saturday, last night, we hit Fabulous Fabi's crib for his little birthday party. He lives in Katipunan, which is the home territory of Ateneo, La Salle's biggest rivals. Understandably, we all wore all colors except green. *grins* It took 2 LRT rides to get to Fabi's place. Once there, we were required to 'dance'. 3 of us were Krumpinoy members, and Kevin and I are dancers, so okay, we did a little thing there in Fabi's living room. Then we hit Warehouse.

For my Malaysian dudes, Warehouse, or Warehouse 135, is a club.

It was fun. I was not allowed to bring my little messenger bag so I left my camera in there too. The place was freaking full but at least beer's cheap and the babes look good.

Neil, G-Fab, Decky, Kevin.

Neil, me, Decky, Kevin. I don't know about the pout thing. Hmm..

Soap can't quite clean up the Warehouse tag.

We partied at Warehouse until pretty late, and as it's in Makati, heck, I was too tired to go home and crashed at Decky's place. Went home at 7am.

Now it's 1.50pm and I should be getting back to my Political Science assignment.




  1. I don't think they're trying to achieve the "pout"

    they were TRYING to mean mug