Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A.M. Chaos

I didn't know a 19-year old professional bum can get so much done in one morning.

Long Post! Read at your own discretion.

Chapter 1: The Malaysian Embassy, Salcedo Village.

At 9am, I went to the gas station a few minutes walk from my apartment and waited for a taxi. Surprisingly, I found one almost immediately. Dressed in a light blue shirt and a silver tie, I guess the cabbie didn't want to lose business from me. *grins* Having directed him to 107, Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, I stepped off, shirt lightly creased and tie looking sharp. I am at the Malaysian Embassy, Manila.

There I went to the guard and he told me to wait outside. (Trivia: The sun rises at 5am here in Manila and it's freaking hot by 8am. What more 9am). Ah, but beggars can't be choosers. After almost an hour I was let in, along with what looked to be some ladies applying for Visas (and we all know for what).

I was went there to get my Malaysian certificates authenticated and certified and also translated. PhP150.00 each. Darn. No choice though, as I am probably the only one in DLSU-M who knows what "Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia" means. There, I met with Mr. Rosli, Consulate Officer of the Malaysian Embassy, Manila.

"Come back on Thursday to get it. We are preparing for a late Merdeka celebration."

Where I promptly replied that La Salle gave me until Wednesday (tomorrow) to get my documents done.

"Tell them to take it or leave it."

You can't argue with logic like that.

Chapter 2: DLSU-M Admission Office, Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall, Taft Avenue.

With my shirt now a little more creased, but tie still looking sharp, I went to a bank and withdrew some money, as the translation fees bled me pretty badly. Then, hailing a cab, I went to Taft, to see Mr. Sol, Head of Admissions, DLSU.

Queuing up for just a while (La Salle never lets you wait too long) I went to Counter 4, and they asked me, as usual, to go to Counter 1. Counter 1 happens to be Mr. Sol's domain. I then told him that I cannot possibly get the documents ready by Wednesday, and I needed a time extension.

"Last name please."
"Cruz, sir."
Cruz.. *shuffles through papers* The Malaysian school guy?"
"Yes sir."
Do you have any certification from the Education Department that you can study in a University?"
"Yes sir. *shows him certificate from ED* This one sir."
"Using what qualifications?"
"My SPM sir, as I do not have 4th year high school. I did five. That's in fact, a lot better than just having four years. I also have my A-Levels. *shows him the nice shiny British piece of paper* See sir, I actually exceed the requirements."
"Well then, I'll give you until the 7th. So that means latest by Friday."
"Thank you sir".

Once again, my big mouth saves me.
I like Mr. Sol. He's cool.

Chapter 3: La Salle's McDonald's, Taft Avenue.

An hour before noon. My chicken meatloaf breakfast was long burned away, and with my shirt not so neat but my tie looking sharp, McDonald's beckoned me. Oh yes, I will never forsake you, o tempting creation of one Mr. Ray Kroc.
Yes, La Salle has a McDonald's about 20 steps away from Gate 1. Yes, my school rocks.
And I hate getting proved wrong.

Originally said by Jason
Malaysian girls are so much more beautiful than Filipino girls.

Dammit. La Salle has gorgeous females. And they all happen to like eating Double Cheeseburgers and/or McDonald's Fried Chicken. I swear almost all that I saw ordered those.

No seat, so the guard asked me to join a group of people and I ate there. *dammit* Then, they suddenly wanted to take pictures. I offered to take it for them, but they declined, and now, I am most probably going to be appearing in one of those people's Friendsters eating a greasy Quarter-pounder. *dammit*

Time to go home. It's 11.20am.

Chapter 4: The Jeepney Ride, from Taft Avenue to Zobel Roxas Road.

Shirt pretty messed up now, but tie still looking sharp, I boarded a jeep.
Nothing much happened in the jeep, but I had a really funny text conversation with Luis.

"Oi, are you feeling better tol?"
"I just woke up. Still sick but I'm better.
"Okay then. Your mum's getting your results at Andrew Gonzalez now?"
"She left a minutes ago. Should be there soon."
"Okies. Oh yeah, I saw the cute girl from the exam room at the Hall."
LOL. What's her name?"
"I don't know. Can't be bothered. She was at seat #14 though."
"Then from now on she will be known to us as Number Fourteen."

That's what I call "LOL Material".

Chapter 5: Home, Agata Street, San Andres Bukid, Manila.

I had to take a shower.

I was sweating a lot and my shirt was f'd. Tie looking sharp, I enter this little apartment I call home. The shower looked like Jessica Alba in a satin nightie at that moment. Absolutely tempting. Absolutely irresistible.

Shower. A long one. Topped up by a scrub. Yes, I use facial scrub. No, I'm not David Beckham. I have better hair anyway. I still have not found a better scrub than St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It's so good, it's stupid.

I am at my laptop.
You are reading this.

I'm gonna go play Sleuth.



  1. bro, those girls that you saw, are just the tip of the iceberg. hehehe believe me! hehehe

    I know where the Malaysian Embassy is. We went there a couple of weeks ago, well actually not on the embassy but in front of it because we bought sisig fom a JolliJeep (those stands on the side of the road that sell food, common in makati)

    so your a lets-take-a-picture magnet! *lol*

  2. LOL. My eyes water at looking at La Sallista babes, and they are all great to look at, though not exactly my type. =/

    I had no choice. They didn't let me take the picture for them and I didn't have time to move out of frame. >_>