Friday, 28 September 2007


I tore my Achilles tendon.

Wednesday morning. I walked around my pad with a massive pain at the back of my ankle. I knew it was the Achilles but I didn't quite know what caused it. I sucked it up and went to La Salle.

I managed to reach South Gate from Estrada Street and by that time the pain was just horrendous. Unbearable. *sigh* I managed to hobble my way to the school clinic and collapsed in pain.

The nurse asked me to replay my past 24 hours and then I realized maybe I just did my ankles no justice. If you are familiar with La Salle's layout, you'd understand. I went up to 10th floor in Andrew 3 times from the ground floor. Walked from Andrew to La Salle Main 4 times back and forth. I had basketball at 220pm in the Sports Complex, followed by volleyball, running, and kicking around the ball. More walking around campus, then more walking to get to my jeep station. Then it's 5 floors to my pad. Over-strained Achilles tendon, or Achilles tendonitis. It hurts. The nurse and doc refused to give me painkillers. Apparently, they know how much it hurts so they had to give me the strongest one, which might cause an allergic reaction. *sigh*

I should be fine in a little under a week, but I'll definitely be late for many classes. *sad*

Wish me well.


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