Monday, 24 September 2007


Horrid day.

Aside from my favorite class, English Communication (ex-teacher here, no duh) with Professor Chanco, today was pretty much a day from hell.

We were dismissed early, and I found myself with nothing to do, so I decided to help out Trish, Ara, and Xyra with their collage project. Alright, cool, so that was done. Things just went downhill from there.

At the La Salle clinic, they told me that they cannot grant me a physical exam because I came late. Apparently the doctor's only in at 8am up to 1030am. Newsflash! I have classes! Oh well, see you on Wednesday.
At the Registrar's office, I went to collect my ID. The ticker counter was at 101 and mine was 119. Alright, I'll wait. After a decidedly uncomfortable time between two noisy ladies in the seats, it was my turn. Well what do you know? ID cannot be released unless I submit my physical exam report. The wonders of red tape.

Now that really pissed me off. *grr* It's a long walk from La Salle Main to Andrew (the name of my building) but whatever. My next class was Math. In class, in perfect timing while doing the hardest questions, my stomach decided that maybe lunch was not too agreeable after all. Brain screams 'puke', body screams 'f*cking hold on man'. *sigh*

Next was Political Science class. I had a 'group' work due, and only Miko sent in his part. I did the rest by myself. *grr* Anyway, whatever. Then I realized. My thumb drive is still on my laptop. This was the moment I went ZOMFG. *grr* Really annoying. I explained it as briefly as I could to Miss France (no shyt, that's her name) but I mentioned nothing about the lack of participation from my team. She wanted to mark all of us as 'late' but here I made a decision. I would take it for the team. It's not noble or anything; I just figured it's better I get all the deductions rather than the rest. Better one than all five. I have until Wednesday. Must remember.

Then it rained.

It was a freaking rainbath (as opposed to bloodbath). I swear it was biblical in proportion. It suited my mood then though. Luckily Aldz and Decky accompanied me in Z-Squared while I studied and waited for the rain to stop. Of course it didn't, so Aldz and I decided to chill at La Salle's McDonald's. At least the horrid day was cooling off. Aldz introduced me to Nicole and Elaine. Elaine had to go walk back alone along Taft under the rain. Like hell I'll let that happen. It's notorious Taft. Chicks walk with pepper sprays after 6pm here. So I grabbed my cute little tartan umbrella and walked her to her condo. At least I was sure she got home safe.

Ah so it's back to Aldz and I again. Raining heavily, so we huddled under my umbrella and walked the 15 minutes to Andrew. His car was parked behind, at the place ironically named The Beach (no beach in sight, mind you). Thank God Aldz sent me home. Otherwise I'd be soaked in the jeep.

There goes an eventful day in the life of The Jay.

Tomorrow, hopefully it's a lot better, and do wish me luck in my application to be a La Salle Ambassador.

On a very happy note:
Happy 19th birthday Vincent Lau!
Brother, friend, and prefect mate!
Long live the Chicken Board of 2004/2005! *grins*

PS. Why is my campus nickname still Malaysian? I thought people know my name now.

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