Saturday, 8 September 2007

Death Predictor

Click this: Death Predictor

Jason Cruz: At age 68 a large monkey will beat you to death, using the antiquated art of fisticuffs.

I find that mildly disturbing.
However, I would be the first to admit that an awesome death is a lot cooler than, say, dying in my sleep.

Plus my grandkids need to impress the other kids in the canteen.

"Your grandad was hit by a truck? No way! Mine was beaten fugly by a gorilla."

Now that's what you call bragging rights.



  1. i want to see that happen.

    no, seriously.

    you better put up a good fight. otherwise while your grandkids are bragging about how you battled a giant gorilla, i'll be telling everyone else about how you got bashed by a chimp XD.

  2. Me? Get bashed by a chimp??
    I have the opposable thumb and the more developed hippocampus, so better get that chimp to back off!

  3. Jacqueline Chong: At age 67 a statue will fall over and crush you while giving your acceptance speech for the position of Governor.

    wow !! i'm goign to become a Governor :D

  4. Well that's awesome, save for the fact that your reign as Governor lasted just short of 2 seconds. =P

  5. Justine Cuevas: At age 24 too many imitation cheese based snack foods leads to a dietary condition which causes your life to end.

    yes.. your death predictor absolutely shows me the loathesome. ahha

  6. It's a good predictor I say. :P

  7. Jenny Frederina Wong: At age 66 while playing Street Fighter Omega at an arcade, you will be electrocuted by the headset. You will be the first such death in years.

    Gah, I don't even know that thing. Lame..

  8. Jen, that's quite a way to die. *grins*