Monday, 3 September 2007

Entrance Exam Part 2

So.. It's the 3rd of September. La Salle exam entrance results are out (read blog post about it for more info).

Guess what?

Number 1. You do not need to know the long name I have.
Number 2. You do not need to ask what it is.

Point being, I am IN!!


What better way to celebrate than by splurging a little.

That's right. Esprit and Belgian waffles. *wub Starbucks*

Didn't get to meet up with Luis today (We planned a DoTA afternoon celebrations as he was sure I'll be accepted and I was sure he'll be accepted, but neither of us sure ourselves will be accepted. Don't bother, it's complicated) as he caught a fever (while I got mine last week) so yeah, I was stag at SB. Get well soon tol.

I now have TOMORROW (yes, one day) to go to the Malaysian Embassy and get my SPM certificate, which happens to be in Malay, certified as a high school document. Gonna be busy busy busy tomorrow. I have to submit all documents by Wednesday.

I need to go shopping. I just realized I don't even have a notepad yet.



  1. Congrats!!!!

    Now you do good in college! hehehe *grins*

  2. Hey bro, thanks! I got promoted to co-leader of ID by the way. Not too sure how to evenly manage my time. You know I love ID. =P

    (HOC guys gonna get pissed if they read this) =P

  3. That deserves another Congrats! hehehe

    I dont have much of DT life anymore. The lack of internet access at work really shook my online life that's why I have to sacrifice a lot... tsk tsk..

    but I did checked my account, 2B Offense. weee! hehehe

  4. Holy crap!
    2B offenser?? That gives Specialist in HOC, if you are in. =P

    Are you going to give me SmileTheJoker or not? =P

    I have a login script now. Makes my life easier. Tons of multies. =P

  5. i noe wad comes after dear!!!

    *evil grin*

  6. -_-"

    How long have you known me Rae?
    Don't answer.