Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Rats Are Out

Formspring, that new "social networking" website, is, upon analysis of its function, form, and usage, is a tool for cowards.

Anything that allows an insane amount of anonymity over the Internet in order to pry information from another person is nothing short of cowardice and is subject to the malicious intention of many people seeking to hide using Formspring's anonymous function.

I'm glad I don't have one.
Why should I tolerate sensationalist cowards?

Life Rule:
If you cannot tell something to a person face-to-face, it's probably not worth saying, or one has malice intended or guilt hidden.

So say or ask what you need personally. Every human being deserves that much.



  1. i agree! the only wall left from those anon and the user is the choice to answer the questions.

  2. I had just deleted mine.

    Not only does it offer spams posing as anonymous users, nobody really poses a question worth bothering over the internet.

  3. Very well said! Anything said behind someone ain't NO value. Never lose sleep for anything said behind you.

    Love you- MUM

  4. Jusap: Which begs the following question: "Why must the user answer some of the questions, when they are obviously asked ONLY to inflame another?" The idiocy is unquestionable sometimes.

  5. Michael: Good for you then! I agree, the only questions worth answering are the ones where both persons (the one asking, and the one answering) are either face to face, or at least know each other to a certain extent.

  6. Mum: Just something I learned from you :)