Friday, 20 August 2010

Dance Galore

So begins FOUR shows in two days.

Aren't we the popular crew :P
We also get to battle a "crew" (more like, three crews that combined into one) on Saturday. Freakin' awesome. I haven't battled properly in a while ;)



  1. I know it's not something, but have you ever thought of joining some kind of contest on TV? Dance contest, I mean.

    Just a thought. :D

  2. Well, we've had an invite from a morning show you might be familiar with, Unang Hirit. However, it's not exactly something that we as a freelance dance crew aspire to do (appear on TV and such). It's easy to become a tool after a while. :)

    We like to stay true to our roots and dance for Lasallian events, or dance for events organized by friends and supporters.