Sunday, 15 August 2010

Not So Minor

The next two days are going to be fun *rolls eyes*

For courses that are considered "minor" ones, these are what we call "feeling majors"; low-unit courses that for some reason, have such heavy requirements in order to pass (or get an acceptable grade; 2.0 for me is rather low already). So here are my things-to-do:

Wika at Kultura
This is a culture course, and for reasons I don't want to try understanding anymore, my lecturer has an almost allergic reaction to students speaking in English in this class. As far as I can remember, English is a pretty dominant language in this country, and smatterings of it in class shouldn't immediately render its user crucified. Ah well. I've got to research on Maguindanao, an area in Mindanao, Philippines, and its culture, languages, and dress. Since I grew up in Malaysia, my lecturer seems to think I am an authority on Muslim culture as well. It's going to be tough.

It's been a while since my Prime College days (w00t), so I don't struggle much in this class. The only problem is compiling all the reports and journals in one go to submit. I just seem to put this off SO MUCH. Ugh. Anyway, we have a mid-term tomorrow, supposedly. Gotta study for that.

This is more like an environmental awareness course, and the personal portfolio thing (which purpose I can't understand) I am assuming is going to take several thousand words, is way too long and way too troublesome for a minor course. This will take a pretty large chunk of time.

Family and Population
Aside from reading an article on "Moving Young" (one can Google this), I need to make a Powerpoint presentation on effects of remittances to domestic economies and individual families in third world countries. Not that hard, but a little of a hassle.

Okay. Time to get started.