Monday, 30 August 2010

Cue Awesomest Weekend

Especially since I spent the four days of it with you :)

Pizza day with my grandma at my place. I love the fact that you jive so well with my family. It's a nice change, and I could definitely get used to that :)

Dinner at your place this time, and knocking back a couple of beers with your childhood friends really warmed me up. Nothing like conversations, some ice-cold beer, and Marty's vegetarian chips to seal the deal. Not to mention the bursts of conversation that your big brother and I had.

Breakfast with your friends: f-u-n. Of course, the fact that I'm their friend as well now makes me feel even better about this, and I appreciate that so much. Seeing your big sister very pregnant was cute. Can't wait to see the nephew in a couple of months!

Brunch was great; it was awesome to be capping off a crazy/beautiful weekend with you, PJ.

Safe to say we're both very happy.