Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sophomore Year is Ending

Sadly. :(

It had its highs and lows, but perhaps more lows than highs. This term has seen the complete inactivity of my crew, Skittlez, and the disappointing way we have handled ourselves. Complacency? Sad, but true. :( Is this the end for the 2008 Remix champions? What a waste if it is.

I've been starting out with some preseason training for the 2009 season of Animo Squad. So far, we've had 6 new applicants who would like to try out. I hope they do well. I've also stepped up my core training, and just recently moved to far more advanced routines. Definitely hoping I'm all set for summer.

Two subjects' grades have been released, and they are alright. I'm not sure what I could have done to get it higher, but I'm still thankful. 3.5 for Domestic Aspects of American Foreign Policy (major course), and 3.5 for Art Appreciation (non-major course). Four left to go, with papers due for Critical Security Studies and American Government, plus final exams for Spanish 4 and American Government. It will be a rather stressful week ahead of me.

This month also marks the second year of my blog. Happy Second Birthday! LOL.



  1. Di ba today yung Spanish test (April 2)? Did you take it or were you absent?

  2. I took it. I was 10 minutes late though, because I got caught in the rain.

    It was pretty good. :) I hope Senora Ade gives me at least a 3.5. :\

  3. Senorita Ade es muy simpatica.
    I think you're doing well in your Spanish classes so perhaps if you talk to her she would give you "at least a 3.5". :)

  4. Whew. I really need it. :\

  5. We're on our final year already. :(
    scary... :|

    Don't worry about Spanfor.
    You told me you did well in your exam. :P I'm sure you'll get a high grade :) *huggie*

  6. la la la. stalking Jason and lovin it!

  7. Haha I didn't know you stalked me.