Sunday, 12 April 2009

Because I Read

Just a fraction of my total books, but these are some of my most precious. :) A friend once told me, "a learned man is a rich man", and I can definitely say that my wealth is in the amount of books that I have read, and not in the paper in my wallet. If only I had my complete collection.. There are a LOT more scattered in various places, like Nicole's home, Terence's car and home, and a lot of other people who I have trusted with my most precious possessions.

If there is one thing I can tell anyone, it would be get off the Internet once in a while and read a real book. The sort that involves your smelling the paper as you turn the pages, and inspecting the front and back covers for dog-ears.

Books. Because I read. :)



  1. I haven't seen your bookshelf in real life hahaha ;p

    Sorry about what I said earlier :(
    I'm also sad about it. I'll work on it this summer alrightie? :D

  2. Yeah sure. :) I know you'll start reading again. :)

  3. hey jason! cool, that collection of books on your bookshelf is almost similar to the ones i have with me now! yep, a learned man is indeed a rich man and i wish i had my whole collection with me too (like you, it's scattered everywhere!).

  4. Ahaha.. It sucks to have your books scattered eh? Well, it's good to know we have almost the same taste in books.

    My 'partner in crime' in books (Nicole) and I have pretty different tastes (she likes fantasy; I like techno-thrillers) but we also have similar favorites (like the space-opera works of Alastair Reynolds). You should give Alastair Reynolds a try if you haven't, or Michael Crichton. I just bought 'Congo' a few days ago. Terrific. :)

  5. You have a nice collection, Jay. I used to read a lot of Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton back in high school (my favorites are red rabit and the venom business) Now, I read a lot of art history inspired books like the birth of venus and history related fiction by people like Elizabeth Kostova and Philippa Gregory. Try mo, you like history naman di ba? HAHAHA. Yun lang.

  6. You should see my complete collection. :P Oh yes, I love techno-thrillers, hence the Clancy books. I've read every single one of the 'Ryanverse' books. Favorite has to be Executive Orders.

    Oh where do I find books by those authors..

  7. I've been in Bath for almost two years and have already started a little collection XD I took some home after first year and I'll probably do so again this year, unless my bag doesn't fit. It just means that I pack less books when I move house =/

  8. That tends to happen doesn't it? :\ I have NO idea how I'm going to get all my books at Uncle Franco's house over here. :( They are SO heavy!