Friday, 24 April 2009

Animo Squad Elections

Our Animo Squad - White general assembly earlier went pretty well. Our coaches and manager (2007 Animo Squad - White Team Captain Reynaldo Martinez) had a lot of plans for us this year, and it was good to see that we have a set plan already this early in the season. We also elected and appointed the officers for the squad, and I am pleased and very honored to have been given a position. Thanks team.

Team Captain
Justine Cordero (Animo Squad - Green)

Andrew Sha (La Salle Dance Company - Street)

Head, Documentations
Cara Young (Animo Squad - Green)

Head, Logistics
Jason Cruz (Freelance)

The thing I love about the Animo Squad - White is the combined effort of so many people and groups; Animo Squad - Green (formerly known as the DLSU Pep Squad), the La Salle Dance Company - Street, the La Salle Dance Company - Jazz, and of course, freelance dancers and gymnasts that joined the Squad for their love of the university.

I am looking forward so much to this year. We have been conditioning ourselves in dancing, gymnastics, and in liftings, and hopefully, we will make the La Salle community proud once more by giving the best we can. The school has given us so much; it's only right we do so.

Animo La Salle!



  1. Congrats Jay! We know this means a lot to you. We are happy that you love what you are doing and that you are doing what you love.

    Our love & support-
    Mum and Pops

  2. Congrats, Jay!:D
    Told ya, you would be an officer. :P
    Anyway, good luck! Hugs! <3