Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Right, And You Are?

Hi readers, I apologize for having disappeared for a week. Paper work has really been getting at me.

Anyway, I have a story to tell.
This was during Danz Dish 4, right after our performance. We were sent to the eight floor of Yuchengco Auditorium, where the view was wanting, and some of us stayed there and watched a bit of the concert before going down. At the seventh floor, where the main auditorium is located, I met up with the rest of Skittlez, and we decided to go inside using our guest passes to say hi to some of us who weren't able to dance. We went in, and looked for the others. Then IT happened.

A young man (I do not know if he will take that as a compliment, because he's gay) went around asking each of us in the most arrogant voice, "Are you in Skittlez? Because you are not allowed here in seventh floor. Please leave." Okaaaaay. We said we were performers, but apparently, since "we were Skittlez" we had to leave the seventh floor auditorium.

We gather outside (there's a lobby of sorts right outside the auditorium door) and discuss what had just happened. We all agreed on one thing: he was unnecessarily rude and arrogant. He managed to piss off not only the hottest tempered Skittle, but every single one of us! Then he made it worse.

He comes out, hands behind his back with that silly sing-song tone of a guy who has an ego larger than the Levy-Shoemaker asteroid, and asked us, "Is there a problem here?" Damn right, dude.

He confronts us, and a heated exchange between him and Ann ensued. Our point was very simple; he did NOT have to treat us like that. Why were all the other ushers so polite to us? We already performed for free, for Pete's sake. What really burst my patience bubble was when he asked if he was being 'bitchy' (in Tagalog he used the word mataray, and I don't know how to accurately translate that). It was bad because he asked it in the most arrogant way I have ever heard.

So I point a finger at him, and told him that it's about time he shut his mouth.

At this point, the whole crew was already seething. Even Decky, our daddy and usually the most composed, asked him to apologize already. Well, he sort of did, but even a blind rat could see the insincerity.

So Mr. Mack, of the La Salle Student Artist Managers, it is solely because of you that Skittlez Crew have turned down all and any request of dance performances for De La Salle University, including, unfortunately, the sponsored event this Friday. I hope you sleep well at night. Have a good time at work when you graduate.

Oh, and God bless you.



  1. omg talk about first impression. what's with the attitude...

  2. he'll get it one day.

    he also did that to us.
    during OUR show/project.
    he's really arrogant.

    just because he's friends with Ms. Leia and Ms.Jill doesn't mean he can do that to people already.

  3. The karma delivery truck is on the way.. ;)

  4. oh... how unfortunate. i did not know.
    will this apply to my organization's request?

  5. I am not sure yet. :P
    But come on, you have been a Skittlez supporter for the longest time. We're going to give you a gig, Zee. :)