Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Attack of the Morons

I know, I know.. I should not be so judgmental, and I should always see the best in people. I know I should. And I do, for a GREAT majority of the time, but there are times when I really wonder what sort of idiots I get as classmates. It's so bad, it's ridiculous.

Take for instance my classmate in three major classes, Mr. Beard*. He barely comes to classes, and when he does, he just sits at the back talking and talking and talking. More than a few times this term was he called out by the professor and reprimanded verbally, but I suppose nothing gets past his 3-inch skull. During American Government class, our professor, Bro. Gregory Wright, FSC, PhD (yes, he has a lot more letters after those), explained what an 'adversarial media' was. He calls Mr. Beard five minutes later to repeat what he said.

He stared at Bro. Greg like he was just born.

Come on! Seriously?? How do you idiots survive our major subjects?? I am astonished to see you people get 1.0s! (1.0 is the barely made it grade)

I don't mind that these guys are idiots, or are too damn lazy for their own good. What I am bothered about is that the professors take so much time to explain again the simplest crap over and over again, just so these monkeys can pretend they understood the lesson. They don't even come for quizzes. And the coming in and out of class is very distracting. I think bathroom breaks should be limited to one per three hours when it comes to these people. How much urine can a human body produce in an hour?? Jeez!

Okay. That felt good going out.

And to you people in another class:
Being nice to a professor does not mean I am sucking up to them. I do not NEED to suck up to anyone to get the grades I get. It simply means I can be actually civil to my professors. There are no laws stipulating otherwise, so until then, STFU in class, GTFO of my life, MYOB always, and GFY. :) Remember, I said these while smiling.



  1. Remember my classmates in HUMALIT did that to me too?

    Just because I recite often doesn't mean I'm sucking up
    Oh well. I am the one getting the recitation grade and not them so why care? :D

  2. Haha yes. I feel stupid though, after class. And I itch. I am still allergic to stupidity. :(

  3. :)) always and forever harhar

    dont mind them :P

  4. What does MYOB and GFY stand for?!

  5. "Mind your own business".

    "Go **** yourself/yourselves".