Sunday, 22 February 2009

Immortal Fries?

If you eat McDonald's food, this video is a must-watch.
Frankly, I was terrified.

Emjoy. LOL.
"I'm Lovin' It!"



  1. yep. i've seen a similar experiment.

    let's all eat fresh vegetables! :))

    'parapapapa... love ko to' :P

  2. omg you have put me off fries permanently!

  3. Zee: Well, that shows what kind of stuff they add to their 'delicious', and 'natural' fries.

    Angel: I suppose I should be glad. :P Those are calorie-sticks and nothing else anyway. :P

  4. Lol. So you still eating McD, Jay?

    The burgers all have bread in them. So of course they're gonna go mouldy quickly. Maybe the fries have just been deep-fried so bad all the bacteria's died and they're sterile. Haha.

    I've heard about this experiment before, doesn't really bother me. Lol. Not sure why.

    Word: manialo

  5. The only thing I eat at McDonald's now is spaghetti. Hahaha.. When I am really craving chicken strips though, I lose the battle. LOL.

    It really bothers me. I somehow don't like the sight of non-decomposed food, and the idea of it in my stomach? Can't stand it jie. :(