Sunday, 1 March 2009

Krump Living

I believe that I have found my passion in dancing: KRUMP

I don't want to attempt to explain what that dance style is here, because someone as young as I am in the world of Krump would probably do more harm than good. So kindly just Google 'krump', and look for sites that have 'Krump Kings' on the links.

Anyway, the Krump dancers here in Manila (props to Krumpinoy) have organized two street Krump sessions so far, both at Bonifacio High Street, Serendra, Taguig City (about 20 minutes from Makati). It's been a great success! I have honestly improved so much, and I can really see myself growing in this dance style, to the next level, even.

After my first battle yesterday, which I humbly emerged victorious, I see the spirit and emotion that moves Krump dancers around the world. I am not anymore wondering why this style is being taken up in every major dance capital in the world (assuming), and thanks to the visit of Kaos from Melbourne, Australia, I have been so inspired to continue this.

Thanks Krumpinoy, and the various other Krump dancers who have helped me see which dance style I belong in. :) Here's to many more sessions, and let's get Tight Eyez here in Manila!



  1. Krump is my frustration. I think I'm too happy to krump XD

  2. to Jason: wow. I'm glad to hear you've found your ultimate (may I call it that?) dance style. Looking forward to seeing more of your performances. :D

    to Nica: hahaha. :)) that reminds me of decky

  3. WOW. krump huh? haha this is so gonna sound oh-so-bimbotic but i first heard of krump when i watched....BRING IT ON 2! :P

  4. Nica: LOL. But you pwn me in house, vogue, bboy, and wacking!

    Zee: Haha thanks! I think you should go to Bonifacio High Street and check us out one of these Saturdays! Our crowd is getting larger every week!

    Angel: That's perfectly normal dear. My first exposure to it was Stomp the Yard. :) And hey, krump is one of the best workouts around. :D

  5. hey stranger! long time no chat.
    glad you've found a new passion buds. so proud =)