Friday, 29 August 2008


The best words that I have ever heard from one of our physical therapists:

"You run five kilometers everyday, train weights for one hour, then dance and train with Animo, including conditioning, and still manage to get up in the morning with barely any pain or strains and do it all over again..

You are very well-conditioned."

Thanks. :)



  1. 5km a day, weight training.. some how that makes me soo proud of you. and yeah, i agree that you are very well-conditioned

  2. Thanks buds. :) That means a lot.

  3. How the heaven do you do that Anak when I can't even get up early in the morning? (You know this don't you?) or watch TV for more than 5 minutes without falling asleep because I feel so tired? (THIS you know too well!!!!)

    Anyway, I am always very proud of you.

    Love - MUM

  4. Simple. You may not be able to finish a movie in your lifetime (hahahahahahahahaha) but you are definitely the hardest worker I know when it comes to teaching.

    Remember these days?

    Prime College: 0800-1600
    IELTS Class 1: 1630-1900
    IELTS Class 2: 1900-2130

    See? You're pretty tough too.
    I came from good stock. :D

    I love you too. :)