Saturday, 9 August 2008

Biter Nation

It's definitely not me.
The majority of entertainment seen in Filipino entertainment shows consist of biters.

Stop stealing dance moves from famous groups.
If you're all not as good as JabbaWockeeZ, let the All-Stars dance.
Take an example from the 2008 World Hip Hop Champions.
Be original.

In the words of the Jabba-gods, "biterz will be eaten!"

Stop translating decent hip hip songs to Tagalog!
Tagalog is hardly a language suited for certain songs, especially those that already make little sense in English.
Flo Rida's "Low", Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls", Souljah Boy's "Crank That", and Chris Brown's "With You" are some of the songs that you unoriginal bastards have translated into Tagalog.

It's NOT funny.
It's NOT entertaining.
Your translated lyrics SUCK.

Stop killing hip hop music and hip hop dance.
You are all UNORIGINAL.
Biters to the max.
Learn to write your own songs, b*tches.

In the wise words of Ludacris,
"Your new name's fire, 'coz we stomp you out".

You're all going to get stomped out in your lack of originality.
The time and energy you bastards use to rip songs off, you can spend writing your own pieces.

Umayos kayo!


Jay is very mad.



  1. sinabi mo pa!!!

    those tagalog "versions" makes my ears fall off. grrr...


  2. I know bro!
    Grabe yung lyrics. Parang "trying too hard to be literal". Walang hiya talaga.

    Thank God no one in my school plays those stupid songs. Unavoidable in the jeep and my very-jologs area.

  3. A word of caution, carry ear plugs if ever you do visit the streets outside the UPLB campus. These tagalized versions of the songs literally cover the airwaves. It's not funny.

    I have to agree with you, it kinda degrades hip-hop culture. And it's frreaking pissing me off because a lot of people (US) are working harp to uphold hiphop as a culture which should be respected.

  4. Exactly. You of all people would get my point bro. We're both in the Philippine hip hop culture, and God knows we're trying to keep it real.

    Not only outside UP-LB bro. From my area until I reach DLSU, the jeeps blare out these horrendous versions of perfectly decent songs.

    Whoever first had the idea of making nice songs jologs should have been shot several times in the cranium.

  5. yes, we are a society of impersonators or as what they say now: biters! there are times that we are being praised for being so good at impersonating, such as with professional singers like Regine Velasquez and many others like her who sing and remake classic love songs, or Parokya ni Edgar on the other hand. however I agree with you that there's a limit to "imitation". To a certain level they're flattering and funny, if not, absolutely annoying! ;D


  6. Thanks for the feedback.

    Imitation and crediting the original is one thing, but remaking and claiming an original as "Pinoy" is another.