Friday, 22 August 2008

Pressure > Stress

Hi there readers. I've been gone a while, I know.

It's the finals week (not exactly one week, as schedules are staggered) here in De La Salle, and I've been busy trying to get much, much higher grades as compared to last term's disaster (low grades in Theology, and barely won 2.0 in English for Research). The good news is that I am exempted for Theology 2 finals (which means I probably got a 3.0; considering that my professor does not give anything more than a 3.5, that's pretty okay by my book), and a probably 4.0 for 2-3 subjects. It just sucks that I was hit by measles a couple of weeks ago, as it really robbed me of some easy points in Literature and Spanish 2. Oh well.

Gender Studies is not looking good right now. Our final paper, which has to be a minimum of 20 pages, has turned out to be a disaster. It's 10.03 am now, and the paper is due at noon. I wrote almost 10 pages of the thing, and another group member did 4 pages (but she did most of the outlines and presentation), while our last group mate cannot be contacted last night. He sent in his work earlier, and it was barely 2 pages. O.M.G. Currently repairing the damage, and I am so stressed from it I need to blog. LOL.

Aside from the academic stress, the thing that has been exhausting myself and 24 other people (excluding our poor coaches and choreographers) is the pressure to perform for the upcoming UAAP CDC. It is a big thing in La Salle now, especially with the less-than-satisfactory performance last year. Unfortunately, fatigue and mental stress is setting in. Focus is dropping, as was evident last night, when we had some unfortunate incidents. I will not elaborate any more on that, but on the bright side, the routine looks sharp and impressive. Whether we will bring home a bacon larger than 7th place remains to be seen.

In about seven hours, the head of the Office of Sports Development, Brother Bernie Oca, FSC, will watch our entire routine. God help us.

Let's go Animo.
One team, one dream.





    LOVE -- MUM

  2. Thanks Mum. I'll remember that.

  3. don't get over stressed aight. remember to rest. miss you buds


    (i sound like a mum for a while there. rofl)

  4. And why not, you are a caring 'mum'. :P
    Thanks buds, miss you too. :)

  5. i'm a mum? that's news. =P

  6. Shouldn't be. :P
    Gah, I'm so busy! Last week of school this week, and I've got training today when it's supposed to be a national holiday!

  7. "no wonder you're not that tall"

    ROFL!!! seriously, that cranked me up.

  8. ok whoops, that comment was suppose to be for your; "Monday, 25 August 2008- Philippines, Where Did Your Intellect Go?" post. =P