Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Yet Another YC Date

This is probably the last time I get to enjoy Yellow Cab pizza. :( The PT at the Office of Sports Development in La Salle, and my personal trainer/varsity athlete friend Raf has asked me to cut down on the calorie-loaded pizzas. Oh well.. At least the date was awesome. :)

Mm.. Can hardly wait. :D

"What?? Diet??"

At least I don't have to diet on this. <3 Gorgeous!


"The food's taking long.." :(

It isn't called a 'meat lover's' for nothing.

Another 300 cal from Sola. So delicious, but so bad. :(



  1. awwwwww =(
    yeah it sucks. i can't feed you with chocolates, CHUCKIE, pizza, lots of RICE and the like
    haynako. =|
    oh well it's ok.
    You're in the competition team now =P CONGRATS! <3