Thursday, 17 July 2008

Animo Squad Trip Day 1

July 12 saw our team finally go on a team-building trip (the original trip was canceled a few minutes before go time due to Typhoon Frank). We went to this beautiful place called TaraWoods, which turned out to be something like a large country house.

At South Gate, DLSU, waiting for the bus.

Squad Captain and Liftings Coach looking for the bus.

Head count.

When we finally reached TaraWoods, I think everyone didn't quite expect how nice the place was. It reminded me so much of Piasau Boat Club back in Miri. Lush grass, nice green views, and old-school buildings. The boys were assigned the country house (yay) while the girls stayed at their own compound a short distance away.

Light snacks after arriving.

After this, we had a quick meeting/seminar.

Right after that, we had four team-building games, all designed to promote cooperation and teamwork. Pretty fun, until the sun decided it was time to make a batch of roasted Animo Squad members.

Game 1
We have to transfer from one side of the string square to the other.. without touching the string. =/ We finally did it after many tries. There was a catch; no talking allowed.

Game 2
We stood around a hula-hoop and with our indexes supporting the hoop, we're supposed to bring it down a couple of feet.. all with their fingers continually touching the hoop. Mentally hard, but we did this the fastest. :)

Game 3
No pictures. :( All of us, while performing lifts, have to step on a tarp and flip it over without falling off. The challenge was made harder when the tarp was folded in half. We were attempting to accomplish a 1/8, but it wasn't meant to be. LOL. We were successful up to 1/4 of the tarp left.

Game 4
No pictures too. The most mentally challenging one, plus it got SO hot. We were all blindfolded, surrounding a bucket. With a string on a garter around the bucket mouth, we were supposed to bring the bucket to a point in the field.. while blindfolded and keeping perfect tension on the garter (or it will stretch and the bucket will fall). Very frustrating, but we did it, when the blindfolds were taken off.

After that, we had some light snacks. :)

The highlight of the trip was definitely the Fashion Show. The squad was divided into groups of 5-6. The theme was nature, and clothes must be worn in inappropriate places. LMAO. Each group would also come up with a squad cheer. Prepare yourselves for some extremely strange pictures. ROFL.

Brent's group won, and now we are using their cheer after practices. :) It's a tongue-twister, and we have a cute ending to it. :) Additional information about the cheer? Dial your nearest 1800 provider.

TaraWoods had 2 swimming pools, and since La Salle rented the entire place for us, we obviously had the place to us alone. It's water time! It didn't help that I had allergy. :( Cold water. :( Thanks to Monika's cam and Totie for taking the pictures.

After swimming, there was a karaoke session and a Scrabble game. You guys can guess (correctly) which one I did. LOL. I am SO rusty in Scrabble! Jie, you need to whack me again and show me how to play like a pro. :P

Go Animo! :) P.1.3. guys. :)



  1. yaya finally pictures of the macho jay. haha

    looks like fun especially string aquare one XD.

    but.. what the heck's with the goose and hat covering you.... *faints*


  2. Ah.. My teammate (the guy with the sports bra and the other goose) and I wanted to be like 'secret agents'. LOL. "Duck-guns".

    The hat thing, I don't know. :P

  3. duck guns...?! ROFL!!!

    i wouldnt have guessed but very very creative. haha