Saturday, 19 July 2008


TaraWoods, located in Batangas, Luzon, Philippines, is a very pretty, rustic country-house style retreat. It's very peaceful and a big change from the concrete jungle of Manila. :) The place boasts two compounds, the main country house, and the separate compound, located a quick walk away. The staff is awesome, and the food, even better. :)


The field.

The entrance (from attic).

Pool (partly obscured) and barbecue area (from attic).

Pool from afar.

Garden view from the conference room.

Barbecue area.

Guys' rooms and bathroom.


Living room.

Dining area.

Girls' bathrooms.

As I said earlier in the post, TaraWoods has real awesome food. Here are the food pictures. :) Enjoy drooling. Some of them were firsts for me, having been here just a year after all.

This is called suman and it's glutinous rice and was served with coconut syrup. Very delicious, and hell on a diet.

Spaghetti carbonara and papaya shake. I had two glasses. :)

Pork liempo (grilled pork) and chop suey. The liempo was heavenly, and I had 2 servings, prompting squad captain Totie to tell me to diet. ROFL. Chop suey is just basically stir-fried vegetables, which were pretty nice too.

Longganisa (home-made pork sausages) and omelet. :) Incredibly nice.

At each and every meal, the omnipresent TaraWoods kalamansi juice (lime juice/"air limau") was served. It was not bad either.

I talked with the operator of TaraWoods and you can actually rent the entire place.. provided you pay for it. LOL. A great place to go to if you're going somewhere with at least 20 friends. :)



  1. Cheer Negrillo21 July 2008 at 00:15

    It's "suman" dude. haha
    I like the place..
    How much did you pay individually?

  2. Yeah I wrote suman. :)

    We didn't pay anything. :) It's covered by the Office of Sports Development. It's great. LOL.

  3. beautiful place and it looks like you really had fun


  4. Thanks Zee. Yeah we all had an awesome time. :)

  5. wow place looks awesome. food looks good too! *tummy growls*

  6. LOL. It was a nice change from the concrete jungle that is Manila, and all the horrible unhealthy food at Taft Avenue.

  7. Hi Jay

    Now I miss longganisa and suman.

    Those are fattening.

    I'm glad you liked the place. Kinda reminds both of us of Lambir and some places in Malaysia/

    I miss Malaysia ... a lot!

    I love you. Take care -- MUM

  8. Tell me about it. I miss Miri so much. :(

    I know suman is fattening hence why I said it's hell on a diet. Ahaha..

    I love you too. :)

  9. Wow that place looks amazing! Would have love love loved to have gone there!

    And you know what, I seriously see you online more when I'm in the UK..! And we're in the same time zone now!

  10. LOL. That's because when I was online then, it was summer holidays for me. Ahaha..

    Now my posts are pretty erratic.. What with training schedules and studies. :(

    I'm glad you like the place though. :)