Sunday, 13 July 2008

Busy Week(end)

Just got back from Animo Squad team-building from Tarawoods, Batangas, and also just finished my mid-terms. Will spam your blogs and sites soon, friends.

Expect a LOT of pictures, and some reviews. ;)

Readers: Thanks for hanging around even if material has been lacking lately. :)



  1. Been waiting Sweetheart.

    Any candid thoughts about your major?

    I love - MUM

  2. Not really..?
    I do have to apply for major programs this week so I can enroll for the serious majors next term. All in good timing, since our competition is during the very start of next term. :)

    Which means time to study > training. :)

  3. Not yet. :P
    I'm still waiting for people to send pictures.