Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! =)
A special Happy Hearts Day to my valentine, Gayle. You're awesome babe.

Thanks for the Ferrero Rocher chocolates, the hand-made mobile, and the really sweet letter. I had a fantastic Valentine's. =) *hugs* It was fun painting your toenails! Hahahahaha.. I think I did a pretty good job actually. =P Hahaha..

And the artist at work.

On a very good note today, I got my results for four Theology (TREDONE) exams. The results are:
Quiz 1 - 100%
Quiz 2 - 100%
Quiz 3 - 90%
Quiz 4 - 96%

Um so.. *grins* Suck on that!

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, something nasty happened. I got off the lift (life, NOT 'elevator') at Andrew Lobby, when I saw this girl just collapse and faint. No one really helped her, so I turned back. I realized it was my classmate, Darryl, and she was seriously out of it. Along with 2 staff at the Lobby, I got her into the Sports Com clinic. She was pale, groggy, and talking rubbish. =( Poor girl. Turns out she donated blood at the blood drive and she has not eaten anything the whole day. *sigh* Freaky.

A pretty eventful Valentine's Day. =)



  1. Hey TOT!!!=))
    You're welcome..=) big hug for you!
    Yep you're a good artist... hahaha
    You're so gay JASON=P just kidding!
    Well I had fun too..=)
    Thanks for spending your day with me and my friends=)
    *love love=)

  2. You're welcome, Siren. =)
    You're kinda a Skittle naman na eh. Hahaha.. I love the mobile you made me. =)


  3. Aww so sweet =) My Valentine's was very uneventful compared to that, but then again I didn't have a valentine hahaha.

  4. But someone went to Wales.. *grr*

  5. awww.. glad you had fun on V-day. =D

  6. Thanks Tabs. =) Thanks a lot. =)