Saturday, 9 February 2008

LSDC Results

It's a no for finalist #6.


I had breakdance, LA, and krump. Still not enough? I got the choreo too.
Point proven: SHIT HAPPENS.

Funny, 5/10 non-trainee applicants who got in were all girls.
There's a food for thought.

Thanks Skittlez and family for the wonderful prayers and support (thanks for waiting 4 hours with me!). Congratulations to our own Skittle, Ann for making it through.

I need some space to lick my wounds, so to speak.
Three cheers to the man upstairs.



  1. *hugs* you're still a great dancer to be buds. =)

  2. Thanks. =) I'm so blessed to have Skittlez.

  3. the 'be' was suppose to be 'me'

  4. Yeah I kinda figured that out. =)

  5. Hi Jay

    It's alright Boy. You've tried and it's competitive. Everyone who auditioned was good. That's given. It must have been tough for the judges to choose. YOU are a good dancer. That's given too. Enjoy it. Remember what I always tell you?

    Whatever you do, make sure you're happy. You're happy joining competitions. Strengthen your spirit Anak. You win some, you lose some.

    For me, you're always THE winner.

    I love you always - MUM

  6. Thanks mum. =) Yeah, of course everyone could dance, but it was very obvious that I had the most styles. My only weakness was that I do not have enough stunts. I'm glad at least that my crew is always there for me. =)

  7. seriously ur mom has a point bro. u all know most of all skittlez members under gone that thing. dont think of anymore ideas about the try-outs...just take this experience as a seed that will make u grow better. u always have people to count on, i am one of them, skittlez, ur mom and ur friends. there is always a next time. --aldz

  8. Hell yeah man. =) Thanks a lot bro.

  9. Heyy dearie, that's too bad about the LSDC =( but hey, you take the highs and lows of life, right? I know you're a great dancer and you may not have gotten in this time, but as long as you're enjoying your dancing and having a great time (you don't need that to have a great time) it's all good =)

  10. You're right sis. =) I don't need this to have a great time, because Skittlez is there for me for that. *hugs* I could have used the tuition scholarship though, if I was a part of the official school dance team.

    And yes, the dancers here are very good. LSDC produces dancers that later on become TV-show dancers. =P

  11. hugs!!!
    i'm always here ok?
    you dont have to prove anything to them.. not stunts not krump.
    dont worry you have skittlez and ME =)

  12. I know. =) That's why it's alright. =)