Friday, 22 February 2008

Rizal Park

February 16, 2008
A picnic trip to Rizal Park, Manila.

I really like corn.


The Lapu-Lapu statue. He was the first hero of the Philippines for being the one to kill Magellan, that most unlucky of explorers.

Three Martyr's Memorial. Erected for three priests who were killed under torture for suspected plotting against the Spanish regime. Their method of execution can be seen in the James Bond film The World is Not Enough.

Rizal's Execution Site. He was killed by a firing squad. Rizal is the Hang Tuah of Philippines.

Mother of Manila.

Christ's Death.

Rizal's Memorial.

Clock Tower.

This is cool. This guy's kite was 500 meters up. That's a good half-kilometer or 1/3 of a mile. Darn. I held it and the pull was super strong. The kite was made from glued notebook paper. Damn.

Fooling around. *grins*

Had tons of fun. =)



  1. waaaahhhhhh!!!
    my last picture=(
    why did you post it??? KAKAHIYA=/
    i forgot i was wearing shorts...

  2. Hey, did you know that corn doesn't digest? .. so it comes out WHOLE when you go to do #2 .. LOL ;)

  3. Hey Jacq. It's been a while!!!
    Kinda missed you dropping by on my blog. =) Hmm I didn't know about that corn fact. Gosh.. =/