Monday, 4 February 2008

Orange Skittle is 19

Happy birthday to the Orange Skittle, Ann Chua!!!
Our specialist girl battle dancer, with her insane booty-shake moves. It was awesome to have you spent your birthday with us Skittlez. =) We might not have been the complete crew then, but hell yeah, we had fun.

First.. The Skittlez went for health checks.. My results were alright, and they will be in the next blog post as soon as I find the paper with the results on it.

Then it was time for a fancy dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant called Cafe-something-I-cannot-pronounce where we had fancy food while being entertained by a fancy three-man band. How do you fancy that?

*sigh* We put a new meaning to 'fine dining'.

Then it was time to get crazy at Serendra, this fancy mall area nearby.

One love. Skittlez. Chyeah!!
Happy birthday Ann. =)


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