Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Facial Day

Well, since xFx (pronounced 'Cross Effects') boys Huge and Rocky offered to give me a free facial from Nu-Skin (where they work), why not, right? Damn.. Results were good. Process was ugly. LOL.

Thanks to Gayle for accompanying me. =)

The organic mask which was supposed to tighten skin and pores.

The result, with toner. I am very pleased with the results.

Gayle getting her hands done by Rocky.

Then it was time for an afternoon snack, and we headed off to nearby Greenwich. I must say that their square pizzas is the shit, yo. =) *yum yum*


Taking another opportunity to be vain about my skin.

There's something to be said about a guy with (nearly) flawless skin. =)
Apparently, according to Rocky, I have relatively few blackheads for a guy, and that my pores are smaller than usual. *whew* I happily endorse Nivea For Men for that. =P Ahahaha..

Yes, I am vain. Tell me something I don't know.



  1. I thought YOU were supposed to accompany Gayle.
    Not the other way around. :))
    The mask suits you, by the way.
    Very manly. xD
    Teehee. :))

  2. Nice one Darryl. =)
    Yeah well, she's the guy sometimes.
    And no one ever said a guy can't take care of his self too right? =)

    The mask suits me, or the results does? =)

  3. Awww. :D
    Damn right! ;P

    And both the mask and the result suit you. Although I have to admit, the result is quite enviable. ;P

  4. Why thank you. =)
    And to think I got it for free. =)

  5. You look FREAKING HAWT!!!!
    hahahahaha LOVE IT=D
    You're welcome=)
    Oh Well Papel. We're both camwhores i must say=))
    And yeah you had a merienda and me?? Don't ask hahaha
    I'm thin but matakaw=))
    I had a great day babee=D

  6. Awwwwww.. <3
    You shouldn't have skipped the mask. It was good right? LOL.

    Matakaw talaga. Grabe ka ah..
    Spaghetti.. Chicken breast.. Pizza.. Garlic sticks.. You eating machine! =P We need to get you to hit 100lbs!

    You like the tinted sunblock? =)

  7. my skin is sensitive eh=(
    yeah i love the tinted moisturizer ganda!!!=))

    Hindi kaya hahahaha
    Well you know me...=D

  8. You know you are.
    Queen Matakaw. =P Payat pero lakas kumain. Hahahaha..

    Yeah, unfortunately the stuff are all a bit pricey. I think they're better than Body Shop and Face Shop though..

  9. WOW! jason and facial masks! hahaha
    you ARE vain.

  10. really you think so???
    well i still love the face shop...=)
    i think nu-skin has the same level with body shop.. hmmm

  11. Tabs: Tell me something I don't know Tabsie. =)

    Gayle: I think Nu-Skin's the most expensive. I think I'll go for Face Shop. =)

  12. yeah i love the face shop=D
    well kasi the face shop's products are also organic so i think they're the same... watcha think??

  13. Face Shop na lang..? Grabe ang mahal ng NS kasi.. =/

  14. HEY / shit i realized didn't post the comment

    anyways.. your results after the facial was pretty dramatic.. opps .. i meant like you were glowing and all

    So.. just to let you know I'm back to revive my blog.. thanks to your yucky comments. It made my blog feel like it was a rotting tofu

    Should I backtrack my events?

  15. hahahha! take a look at u!! xx

  16. Jacq: Ack! What do you mean by dramatic?? Did I have really bad skin before?? =(

    I'm glad you're gonna revive your blog. What a pity if it just died a horrible sudden death in cyberspace. LOL.

    Rach: Yeah. Let's. =) ROFL.