Wednesday, 26 December 2007

New Kicks

Got myself a new pair of kicks, since mum's not here to give me anything for Christmas. *grins* It's not just for the sake of getting new kicks, it's more on necessity. My favorite pair of sneakers for dancing broke, so I bought a new pair with stitching instead of the usual glue-job.

Gotta break this pair in when I have dance. Not until next year though. *sigh*
Gorgeous eh? =)



  1. VERY gorgeous. Me likey lots =) Am sad I won't be there to help you break them in (i.e. by stamping on them) =D

  2. @ Tabs
    Of course. =)

    @ Nikki
    Of all the things for you to want to do to my new pair, you want to stamp on them. =P Yeah, that's what we do back home in Miri. Ahaha.. Too bad! =P

  3. Of *course* I want to stamp on them! It's tradition and sacrilege not to =P

  4. *sigh* The kind of abuse big sisters subject their younger brothers to. =( LOL.