Monday, 3 December 2007

December Reflections

So.. It's December. The 6th month of my stay here in the Philippines. And so far I have..

- been frustrated at traffic, the heat, and the sheer volume of humanity here.
- been appalled at the living conditions of most people.
- missed the sunset beaches of my beloved MIRI.
- missed the kolok mee, laksa, and nasi lemak at Nagaliar.
- been exposed to Yahoo Messenger.
- paid my own bills. *big grin*
- made a lot of good friends.
- made some close friends.
- made a name in my dancing.
- joined a new church. (Word for the World!)
- learned that pork is staple here.
- suffered a lack of vegetables.
- learned to play (and be somewhat good at) volleyball.
- loved Pennshoppe jeans and Bench shades.
- learned to commute. (YAY!)
- learned to love the Green and White of La Salle.
- met the Philippine All Stars.
- met my online family at Philippines United.
- held assault rifles.
- played a hell of a lot of basketball.
- not been playing my darling Ronnie.
- missed my Pictionary battles with my Kuek siblings.
- been tempted to call Aunty Joyce and tell her I'm starving for spicy curry.
- realized that Filipinos don't really like super spicy food.
- discovered San Mig (Light).
- mastered the washing machine and the microwave oven.
- seen a big flood.
- experienced an earthquake.
- learned to do banking.
- joined Skittlez Crew and Cross Effects.
- partied a ton.
- got to learn cool stuff at school.
- loved Starbucks. (Damn over-priced coffee)
- started celebrating Christmas in September.
- performed and got paid for it.
- been frustrated at the Internet provider.
- been frustrated at my lack of Tagalog.
- had the chance to polish my Spanish.

and most of all..

come to start liking this place that I will soon call my new home

Proud to be of Filipino heritage.



  1. hahaha I like that list!
    SMB Ftw! among other things.

    you'll see a lot more! some not so good stuff about this place but a lot of great stuff too!!!

    Always-Happy Philippines!

  2. Thanks bro. =)
    Now we just have to gather a lot more PhU people and have one heck of a Christmas party.

    Or we can all go to Fort. =)

  3. I'm happy that you're beginning to like the Philippines. I hope you're truly happy there.

    I miss you -- Mum

  4. you deserve a prize for mastering the washing machine and the microwave oven. i'm so proud i could just cry... lol

  5. Well it's a pretty fun place as long as you know the people to be with and the right places to go to. :)