Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas Party at Aileen's

It's 5 days before Christmas and SIRENS had a Christmas party at Aileen's place down at Paranaque. Her house is pretty nice, reminds me a lot of Miri. It's a pot-luck, so that was really cool too. I did the Malaysian thing and brought cake. *grins* Swiss white chocolate, from this place near La Salle called Becky's Kitchen. Really good cakes, I must say. Let the calories roll. Ahaha..

^ Some of the Sirens dancers.

^ The resident twins, Jane and Joyce. Or Joyce and Jane. I'm not sure which is which, to be honest.

^ Everyone knows I'm an alcohol sissy, so my one and only shot of the night was worthy of a Kodak-moment. *tear* LOL.

^ Some of the Sirens again.

^ Aileen and I trying to catch each other taking pictures.

^ Red, Irish, and Mark having a serious discussion about wasabe.

Unfortunately, people who are really full with food and with friends tend to try out really insane things. For this party, it's TWISTER. *shakes head* Oh my goodness..

^ Getting ready to twist.

^ That's one messy twister. Aileen's decided it's better to go over everyone. Hey, anything for victory right? LOL. If a pile-up looks bad..

^ That is infinitely much worse. Thank God I do not play this game. *whew*

After Twister.. people get bored. So what do you do? You contemplate a new game of course. *grins* Red and Evelyn, wondering how spicy, really, is fresh wasabe..

^ Red and Evelyn checking the wasabe while Michie prepares the wasabe sauce. For what? I don't quite know actually.

^ No turning back now..

^ That can't be a good feeling. Red's sweating, and Eve's, well, red.

After the wasabe challenge, it's time for more Twister. For the uncomfortable position of the night, Evelyn wins the prize with this scandalous position.

^ *sigh* Twister is an evil game.

To add even more laughter to the night, something strange was stalking the kitchen floor..

^ No prizes guessing what that is.

And I got three pressies, from Charlene, Michie, and Aileen. Thanks to Michie for the shirt with the jeep (I heart jeeps) and to Aileen for the garish boxers. *smiles* Love em both! Minus 500 to Cha for the poo-toy. LOL! That was pretty thoughtful, so plus 510. Ahaha..

Great party, Sirens!