Thursday, 20 December 2007

Grades Are In

School Year 2007-2008, 2nd Term, De La Salle University - Manila.

4.0 - Political Science
3.5 - Volleyball
3.0 - English Communication
3.0 - International Relations
2.0 - Anthropology
1.5 - Mathematics
1.0 - Critical Thinking

A fail is 0.0, and the highest grade possible is 4.0.

As you can see, I just passed Critical Thinking, and it is such a shame. A shame since I have already learned Critical Thinking back in Prime, and my own mother teaches the subject, not to mention I've already attained such a good grade for it back in A-Levels. Unfortunately, I did not go for the option presented by my professor, which was to buy 100 extra points (possibly giving me a 2.0 or better) with "500 bucks worth of donations". I'm sorry Mister, but I was never raised to buy grades so..

You can take your shoe and slap yourself on the face with it.
Now go make me a sandwich.

As for Math, thank you, my 'team', for not doing your part and making me scratch up an entire team's work in 2 days. Obviously, you assholes just want a 1.0 when I want a 2.5 or better. Next term, thank God I won't be in your classes anymore, and you can all have fun looking for a responsible team member. Good luck with your studies, morons.

Grades are okay I suppose, but no Dean's List. Minimum grade should be 2.0.
I'll try again next term.

PS. Damn, I didn't know I'm a bit of a kick ass in volleyball. *grins* That's a highlight.



  1. omg.. jason kicks ass in volleyball..??? i'm impressed buddy~ good job haha

  2. Yay! Highest grade for political science! Proud of you Jay =) and I think your grades are good. Especially proud that you held onto your principles and didn't give in to your CT lecturer.

  3. Thanks sis! Yeah well, it's a little early to think I can be President here, but you never know. =) The good ones get shot here. LOL. And yeah, I have nothing to prove about my CT. I know I can do the subject, so why pay right? Plus I didn't fail it so I won't repeat it. Sorry about the Math though. =(

  4. I was thinking holding onto your principles of not giving in to bribes =P

    Aww you can do better in your maths next time =)

  5. *high five*
    great grades!
    math next term. hehehe

    also, that was one heck of a prof you got there. good thing you didnt give in. *another high five!*

  6. @ Nikki
    I know what you meant sis. Of course I won't. I would disappoint my big sis if I did so.

    @ Joe
    LOL yeah man. He's a bit of an ass. And anyway, I passed all so I won't repeat any subject next term. My subjects next term are kinda tough though. Oh well..