Sunday, 29 July 2007

Taxi Ride

I am SO proud of myself.

From Robinson's Plaza (near Taft Avenue), I took a cab home. I had absolutely no street smarts here in Manila and I don't know the roads. However, I managed to direct the cabbie back to my apartment!!

From Rob's, I asked him to turn right at Taft (remembering my jeep ride came from there) and then going straight. When La Salle (my school) was on the right, I simply asked him to turn right.

Following small streets, I saw some landmarks such as a drug store, a mayor's poster, and then (the saviour) the train tracks. Trains pass by about a hundred meters from my place, so once we crossed the train tracks and the old abandoned SM was on the right, it was only a few meters to Agata Street (where I live).

In Rome, do as the Romans. =) How true.



  1. bro i misplaced the note where i wrote your address. please PM me in friendster :)

    ow, cool taxi ride :)

    and from your post, looks like you got into La Salle, cool!!! Congrats

  2. I'm half-in in La Salle. =)
    Okay, I'll text you my address later pre.