Monday, 16 July 2007

letters from (home)

There are 5 things I've noticed here so far.

1. There's a lot of people.
2. There's a lot of people.
3. There's a lot of traffic.
4. There's a lot of people.
5. There's a lot of traffic.

Everytime I go out, everywhere is swamped with huma beings. Not like Miri, when you go to Parkson in the afternoons on weekdays, you pretty have a nice empty mall, the way I like it. =) Here? Morning, full. Afternoon, chock full. Evenings, full. Night time, full. It's crazy. It's fun to shop here though. So far my fat shopping experience include a pair of Penshoppe lowrise jeans, a Manchester United black away jersey, a pair of Puma sneakers, a Penshoppe cap, a few gaudy coloured boxers, and some DVDs. *smiles* Meh, single guy, living in his own pad, what do you expect right.

Found a church. =) Word for the World, at Taft Avenue. My life will pretty much revolve around Taft Avenue, seeing that De La Salle is at Taft, and now my new church is too. Gotta know them jeepney pilots well now. *grins*

In love with donuts. Not good for me, but damn.. Donuts = pwnage. Mister Donut's pretty good, but Dunkin Donuts pwn. Pwn big time.

Hit 1.2 billion offense in DT. Hahaha...

Hot. Weather's really weird. Hot in a humid sort of way, but it rains pretty frequently.
It floods too, but living on the 5th (not 4th, as I've found out. My unit's called 4th because 2nd floor's called the Mezzanine Floor here. *ergh*), if I had to worry about a flood, then Noah himself must be in pretty bad mood. LOL.

It's all good. Missing Miri, kolok mee at Pujut 2, and my basketball crew.
Missing PBC REALLY bad. *sigh*
Friends.. Homies.. McDonald and Coffeebean hangouts. Dammit.



  1. You've missed one thing, "There's a lot of people that cause People-traffic" lol.

    Wow, you shop big time! Can't reach your level. haha

    My OJT right now studies in CSB, right in front of La Salle. And yup, wanna learn to drive, ask those jeepney drivers. So skillful *sarcastic*. hahaha..

    Dunkin *&C%in Donuts! love their Munchkins!

    Congrats on your 1.2B!

  2. Thanks Joe!
    Ducking Fonuts! I love them SO much pare. Yeah, the jeepney drivers all have deathwishes. If they have DT accounts I'm sure ID can arrange. =P

    Yeah, well you helped a lot. =P Plus you got way more than 1.2B. =)

  3. single huh...

  4. jay jay.. missing you loads! weird not seeing you playing basketball anymore. anyways u better get your butt back in Miri ASAP k?


  5. Hey Julia. =)
    LOL, the hotter twin commented on my blog! Hahaha..

    Yeah, I miss playing ball at the BoatClub. =) Nevermind, I'm sure you're still doing your guy-scouting. Ahaha.. =)