Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Stupid Smart

My Internet Service Provider (ISP) SmartBRO, sucks big time.

They install my Internet on Sunday. Two hours later it dies and I fix it. I call their Customer Care Service. Now, it's Wednesday and still no one picks up the phone. I've been fixing my own Internet myself for the past 3 days!! WTF man..

Customer Care my ass. Customer, me. Care, non-existent. Service, non-existent. And I'm paying P1000 for this! *grr* So I'm taking this opportunity to blog or it might freaking die again. *sigh*

Oh yeah, Mayday Parade rocks. Damn.


  1. chaaange it!

    and mayday parade. *grin* three cheers! :D

  2. I thought it was already ok and your gonna mass someone in DT?

    Just keep banging up their phones or better yet, look for a different line :D

    Mayday Parade? hmm.. Will DL it later.

  3. @ Mish
    LOL. I will.

    @ Joe
    Hey bro, DL it.
    I massed. *grins* ZOMG we killed a few hundred K pop. =)