Friday, 27 July 2007

Rant #62842729

I was browsing Friendster a few days ago and I was looking at one of my friend's profile. There was this guy and his message on the comment box was

"Would you be my girlfriend?"


It's a public profile mano! Everyone with an Internet access and a Friendster profile can see what you asked! I don't know if you think it's brave, but let me tell you, it's NOT sweet. It's weird. Oh yeah, it's STUPID.

I'm nineteen pare. Been there, done that. That's NOT how you do it. You ask a girl out privately, not in a place where 24848949814982 people can see your proposal. Who do you think you are? Britney Spears?

Gah. Go take your shoe and slap yourself on the face with it.
Allergic to stupid people, sorry.



  1. lmfao lmfao. that is just sooo wrong, omg. LOL.

  2. Yeah. I tell you, kids nowadays are freaking crazy. And dumb.

  3. im a kid :) hahaha
    but im not dumb :)

    well. actually not a kid either. hehehe

    i think it would be better if that guy said, "Hey, want some pizza?" hahaha

    Sorry, need to delete the other one. too many typos... lol

  4. I cleaned it up for you bro.
    You? A kid? ROTFL. Ahaha..

    Yeah. Ask out, but don't make it so damn obvious right?