Monday, 18 June 2007

Tag Something

Got tagged by Nariza.

How many..

1. Cookies could you eat at once?
A bag of Famous Amos.

2. Times do you clean your room a year?

Every month. *smiles*

3. Times do you pee during the night?
Once. I'll wake up at about 2 am and have a date with my bathroom.

4. Times you bathe your pets in a year?
I don't give my doggie a bath; my mum does.
The rest are fishes, so they bath 24 hours.

5. Times you brush your teeth a day?

Twice. Three if I'm home after lunch.

6. Meals you eat a day?

5-6. I need a lot of sustenance.

7. Approximate pounds of chocolate you’ve consumed in your life?

Hard. I'd rather not say.

8. Times do you cry a week?

How the hell would I know?

9. Jeans that you own?

Custom ones from Grassmen's. SPLIT. Levi's.

10. Money in your wallet?

RM 67.17

11. Times have you dyed your hair?

Never have.

12. Hours of TV do you watch a day?

On football days, 4 hours.

13. Sodas do you consume in a day?

I don't do soft drinks.

14. Sheep do you want on your farm?


Do you believe in/support:

Ghosts? Yes. But I'm not scared of them. They're dead.
Aliens? Yes. My neighbor.
Abortion? No.
Superstitions? No.
Botox? No.
Plastic surgery? No.
Religion? Yes.
The Bible? Yes.
Yourself? Yes. Duh.
Marriage? Yes. Definitely.
Divorce? No. My parents were, and it's tough on me.

IF IF IF……….

1. If you could go back to any age, what age would it be?

Being a history buff, a lot of ages, but I'd go back to Homeric Greece, Marcus Aurelius' Roman Empire, peak of the Seleucid Empire, Victorian Age.

2. If you met an alien she’d look like

Jessica Biel/Alba, Kiera Knightley, or Bianca Nicole Sissing.

3. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

The ability to learn anything I want to.
Perfect metabolism.

4. If you were up for sale, your ad description would say?

The Jason. One and only in the world. Discount for attractive and gorgeous females.

Which one are you?

1. You are a city OR country person?


2. You think more with Passion OR Logic?


3. You’d rather die with your love by your side, OR without them?


4. You’d rather drink Milk OR juice?

Milk. Strawberry milk.

5. Your a Cat OR dog person?


6. Smoothies OR Milkshakes?


7. Night Owl OR Day Bird?

Day Dude.

8. Chocolate Cake OR Apple Pie?

Apple pie. Jason heart apples.

9. Alternative rock OR 70s Disco Music?

Alternative Rock.

10. Do you like your mate to be skinny winy or have a little chunk?

A woman with curves that women should have.

11. Rather get quilled by a porqupine OR stung by a jelly fish?

Jelly fish sting.

I tag:

Rachel Anne.
Rachel Reeni.


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