Thursday, 7 June 2007


I started this year with some goals, and I achieved some. I'd be a lot happier if I got all, but hey, win some, lose some right? *rueful smile* Here were my goals, to be achieved before 1st of June, 2007. Starting stats are in brackets.

Weight = Under 70kg (74kg)
Waist = 34 inches (36 inches)
Formal Shirt Size = 06 (08)
Shirt Size = M (L)
10 three-pointers in one game.
1 billion offense in Darkthrone, an online game I play.
30 points per game.
15 assists per game.

I achieved each and everyone except for the last two. It's not really a big deal, as I haven't been playing basketball all that long, so plenty of time to get it down and done. *smiles*

Anyway, about the ones I achieved.

My weight is now a pretty good 68kg, for a loss of 6kg. I really did not want to lose muscle hard-gained from weight-training and basketball, so yeah, it took 5 months because I had to eat a lot. Got to replenish the stores you know.

Waist is down to 32 inches, far better than what I targeted. Pretty happy about it. I suppose abs aren't that far now, but I wouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched. Ahaha.. I tried on my secondary school pants (yes I still keep 2 pairs) which are 34" and they were super loose. Yay!! *grins*

Formal shirt size is now 06. That's really good stuff.

Shirt size is now a regular M. It's nice and snug around the shoulders which isn't a problem for me. Ahaha.. Hey, if you've got it flaunt it right? Looking like a lion's a big plus. Sans mane.

I got 17. Read post "51 points from the arc."

Goal setting's good. I'll be working on the other two. *grins*


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