Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Sir complain-a-lot

It's just really annoying when you meet a person who is literally full of excuses. It's just REALLY annoying! And then there was Mr. Cho Shao Kian.

I met this guy at basketball at one of the courts I play and man, he's just so full of excuses. He's actually a pretty good player but darn, when he misses one or two chances, he goes on an all-out excuse spree.

"My butt hurts today from too much jumping."
"My leg cramped."
"My finger's still painful from an accident when I was younger."
"I've got this rare condition that makes my tendon go..."
"I've got foot arch pain today."
"The wind is too strong to shoot properly today."

Come on man! SUCK IT UP!! You're a guy, everyone has their off-days! *grr*
Do you have any idea how great I'd feel if I could play like you? I've only been playing basketball for about 7 months, but you don't hear me complaining. I get mad at myself, sure, because I know I'm not at the level we play at sometimes, but for Pete's sake, stop the excuses!

If you suck, admit it and shut up.
No one enjoys hearing crap like that and we certainly do not symphatize because newsflash, playing badly happens in sport now and then. Roger Federer never had a streak so long it couldn't end. Sheesh. You don't hear him complaining about some weird disease.

Oh by the way, foot arch pain is called plantar fasciitis.



  1. Oh my gosh. Are those (e.g. I've got this rare condition...) real excuses?!?! I hope they weren't all used in one day o.O

  2. *growl* well, you know how I feel about cho shao kian already. ughhh.

  3. haaha what a drama queen..
    oops i mean drama king*

  4. @ Nikki
    Sometimes all in one day, hence causing The Jason to be extremely frustrated.

    @ Toffee Monkey
    I know. Ah Kian is such a complain bugger. He can start a complaint company already.

    @ Anonymous
    You have no idea. =/