Monday, 11 June 2007

B*tch Bite

It's Sunday and I was relaxing at Mike's (my youth leader) place after a really really good barbecue. Church just finished, I'm happy with the way I rocked up the bass parts of some songs, and the day was turning out pretty good. An old friend who moved to Brunei also came down so I was hanging out with her.

She also happens to be the cousin of the bitchiest beeeaaattccchh I have ever met in my whole life. This friend of mine, Ash, then told me another of her cousin (another big gossiper) told her some stuff that, well, really (and I mean really) pissed me off.

"My cousin said you kissed her today. You really wanted to kiss her so you kinda forced her is it?"
"And when Nette asked you if you were ever together, you slapped her."
"She told my Auntie that you two were childhood friends."

I shall answer all three statements separately and accurately.

1. I did not lock lips with that girl. Thank goodness those who know me enough know that I have a lot more pride and dignity than that. Desperate for a kiss? LOL. Seriously, LOL. Do I look like the sort of guy who has to be desperate for a kiss? Wanting to kiss MY girl maybe, but desperate? She's either on weed, or she's had one too many poles stuck in her.

2. I do not slap females in anger. Playfully? Yes. Because I'm offended? Hell no. I grew up with women long enough that I know how to respect chicks, thank you very much. Oh, and the girl I apparently slapped is only 11 years old. If I really did hit her, the whole freaking church would be after my ass.

3. My childhood was spent in the Philippines, you lying tramp. Enough said.

Any half-brained lala would know better than to fabricate stories that are about as flimsy as half-assed squatter houses. Unfortunately, this is further proof that some people are
1. stupid.
2. senseless.
3. bitchy.
4. half-assed.
5. no life buggers.
Unfortunately, for me, some people actually believed all those! I had a massive WTF moment, and yeah, you can understand why I ranted when I heard this.

A little history on the beatch.

She's a tiny little female who I thought was actually pretty okay early last year. When I say early, it's in the first quarter of the year. Just to clear things up once and for all, yes, there was a 2 week fling. *grr* How do I put this without sounding like a little ego-pack. *thinks* Nope, no way. So, realizing the error of my ways, I left her, and I thought, cool, that's that.
The miss calls come in. 60+ daily, day after day after day. The text messages. Annoying, senseless messages. It's not hard to see what made me extremely annoyed at this person. Some guys and I at youth even started making fly sounds whenever she talks because most of it is shyt and her trilly voice could drive even Dr. Seuss mad.
Then the shyt talking starts. Start telling my friends what a jerk I am, how desperate I am to get her back. I'm like, WHAT THE F*CK?? DO YOU NOT NOTICE THAT I IGNORE YOU, YOUR VOICE, YOUR ACTION, YOUR CALLS, YOUR MESSAGES, YOUR QUESTIONS, and YOUR LOOKS???? Did you not see? Or maybe you couldn't take a hint? Desperate my ASS.
Someone needs to lose that muffin-top layer of fat on the tight low-rise jeans. Fat sticking out of jeans is not only unsexy, its a freaking crime. Spare my eyes please.
Last year, when my mum went back to the Philippines, who gave repeated sex and blowjob offers? Hell, it was the beatch, and she said she wanted me to be special, so I'm the 7th guy she'll screw. I'll give you a second to let that statement sink in. Oh yeah, she has sex in camps, so if you know a beatch who humps ucak guys in camps, this one's your best bet.

The thing that most pissed me was that only last week (in fact, a few days ago) she was at my house! Her mum came to my place to look for my mum. Why? Because their family needed help. That's right, the family needed help. My mum spent hours talking to her crying and sobbing mum, while she was in MY living room, sitting on MY couch, watching MY movies. Oh yeah, she got hungry too, and MY mother cooked FOR her.

And in repayment, a few days later, she trash talks and gossips about me.

I don't get people.



  1. some people are just so *insert any appropriate(inappropriate would be much better)adjective here*.

    rilek rilek. hehe.

  2. Oh well. What to do right? Beatches will always be beatches. Can't cure.

  3. I'm still wtf-ing over the fact that she's a year younger then me and she's already so experienced. Whore. LOL, people like that bring shame to humanity.

  4. hehe relax. It's times like these you find out who'll really stick by your side. at least this girl isnt related to you in any way. last year was a horrible year for me. my own relatives made all kinds of stories about me. i had no idea how to react n finally i realized i've wasted too much of my tears over them. i posted an angry blog ( sounded more like a sermon lol). emailed the link to all my relatives. what did i get out of it? i lost all my relationship with my family. it sux. especially when the victim ends up being treated s the villain. i didnt tell dem the whole story though. they'd die of humiliation if i sent them the emails i have as prove... but everyone deserves mercy right? eventhough they dont deserve it.
    just like i didn't deserve, but God freely gave.
    my advice: just ignore whatever the stories say. people will always talk. nothing will make them stop until they wake up one day and decide to stop.

  5. @ Mish
    Yeah. Big WTF moment for me too.

    @ Jass
    Thanks. =) I'm doing a post on stuff to hold in, and one's sending emails you'll regret later. =)
    Anyway, I'm leaving soon, and I'll be super happy to be finally away from her. Can't wait.