Friday, 9 March 2012

Unilab Active Health - Run United Trilogy Leg 1

It was a great experience to be invited again to lead the warm-up at yet another prestigious event last March 4. I met some great and inspiring people, and I saw first-hand too the admirable large-scale organization that RunRio Events are known for.

A little background on the Run United Trilogy: The trilogy is composed of three legs, with this being the first one. A runner who completes the entire trilogy (furthest distance offered per leg) receives an invitation to the prestigious closing ceremonies (I'm not very familiar with it, to be honest) as well as a round holder for the three medals the runner receives. The medals are shaped like 1/3 of a pie; they all eventually fit together to form a plate-sized mega-medal. I wish to be known as the creator of the term the "Rio-Plato", my nickname for the massive medal.

Run United Trilogy medals.

Coach Z Villarin, a professional fitness instructor and a triathlete, and I led the warm-up sessions at Seaside Boulevard, MOA. We warmed-up the 10km and the 3km runners, as these were the runners assigned at our start-area. The 21km runners began in Bonifacio Global City, while the 5km runners started on the other side of where we were. Coach Irene Rafil - my partner during the Condura Skyway Marathon warm-up - led the 21km and 5km warm-up sessions with another instructor, a colleague of Coach Z.

Action shot!
Everyone was just having fun :)
The RU Leg 1 warm-up team!

All in all, it was an excellent event, and the whole program was really spot-on, time-wise. It was great to see fellow runners having so much fun, and I will definitely do my best to run in next year's trilogy.

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Images (RU logo and Medals) from Pinoy Fitness.

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