Monday, 12 March 2012

30 Ways to be Pro-Environment

 We only have this planet. Forever. Let's take care of it!

The small things count.

  1. Dine in; take-outs use up 2-3 plastic bags (plus the plastic utensils).
  2. Skip the extra plastic bag when buying something already boxed.
  3. Print on both sides.
  4. Skip the bottled drink for the water fountain. Save calories too!
  5. Skip the cigarette. Better yet, quit.
  6. Unplug fully-charged gadgets.
  7. Get reading materials (magazines, newsletters) online.
  8. Send locally-made greeting cards instead of imported, plastic-packaged ones.
  9. Wash and keep plastic utensils. They come in handy during house parties.
  10. Empty wine bottles make great home decor.
  11. The pedicab, while more expensive, has zero emissions. Consider.
  12. Stairs.
  13. If you can see people, it's not too far to walk.
  14. Sweep instead of using the vacuum cleaner.
  15. Buy in bulk.
  16. Disable the screensaver. Switch off the monitor instead.
  17. Switch off the air-conditioner at lunch time.
  18. e-books.
  19. Get the largest bottle of shampoo. Better yet, the 2-in-1 shower gel + shampoo combo.
  20. Use the notepad feature on gadgets for notes.
  21. Sign up for e-billing.
  22. Get flat-packed furniture.
  23. Consider donating before disposing.
  24. Take the train instead of the cab.
  25. Open the windows on a windy day.
  26. Clean appliances are energy-efficient appliances.
  27. Laundry and ironing: do in bulk once a week.
  28. Dolphin-safe canned tuna.
  29. Use paperclips. Paperclips can be reused; staples can't.
  30. Save paper, send emails.
Image from Ikea.

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  1. You forgot: reuse your plastic bags at the supermarket! =D